Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sing French In The Car

I was wondering what to write in today's blog when I was driving and started to sing Maxime le Forestier's song 'Mon Frère’. We can learn French with a teacher. We can learn French by listening to native speakers and the best way to learn French is to live in France. However if you are in northern England it is not always easy to jump on a ferry. What we can do is listen to songs.

How do you say ‘whose fault is it?’ I admit this is not something that we would commonly say but that is the point. You can only learn to speak French if you are taught it or if you hear it, and even better if the person is French. In his song there is a lyric, ‘à qui la faute?’ His lyrics answer this question with ‘pas à mon père, pas à ma mère’. This links with yesterday’s blog in which the ‘ne’ part of the sentence is dropped in speech. In fact we lost the verb as well this time.

Have a listen to Maxime and you may start singing French in the car.

A bientôt

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