Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Est-ce qu'il y a?

How do you ask a question? Take a simple sentence like 'you are reading a book'. You can repeat the sentence but from the way you say it you can make it sound like a question. You can reverse the first two words and say 'are you reading a book? You can use interrogatives like who where when etc. In French you can ask questions in any of these ways but commonly they will also say 'is it that' and then say a simple question. Is it that you are reading a book? We would not say this in English but it is common in French so you have to learn est-ce que...

Il y a is another common expression in French that means there is or there are. Add il y a to est-ce que and you get est-ce qu'il y a. Learn this because you can use it a lot. Est-ce qu'il y a un hôtel près d'ici? Put any words in you like but if you start with is it that there is, then you have your question.

A bientôt

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