Sunday, 12 April 2009

Le Musée National Picasso

In my blog on Robert Doisneau I told you to look for the café where he took his photo called ‘le baiser de l’hôtel de ville’. Walk for ten minutes in a north-easterly direction and you will get to le Musée National Picasso. In fact that is the walk that I did last time I was in Paris. I am sure that there is a lot of meaning to Picasso's paintings and I quite like some of his work, but I feel his work is so much more poignant because of his association with Paris. I have also walked around Montmartre and seen his studios. Regardless of whether you like his work or not, you cannot deny that he his work is remarkable.

Le musée est un ancien hôtel particulier. Note that hôtel does not always translate as hotel but can be a mansion, and particulier does not mean particular but private. Just for good measure I will mention ancient because before the noun it means former and after the noun it means ancient or old. Une fabrique ancienne is an old factory but une ancienne fabrique is a former factory so you do need to know the difference caused by the word order.

Once you have been to le musée you can say J'adore ce musée. Si vous aimez Picasso, il faut absolument y aller ! If you don’t know the meanings of these two sentences then look them up and learn them as they are easy to adapt to any of your other interests. Here is one more phrase on le musée: ce bâtiment bien caché dans le Marais est simplement magnifique. Le Marais is a marsh.

So there is another excuse to go to Paris. See for yourself what Le Marais looks like (it isn’t a marsh). Make your own opinion on the museum and see what you think of Picasso’s work.

A bientôt

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