Saturday, 18 April 2009

Au restaurant

I will continue with the theme of French words used in English because it is such an easy way to increase your French vocabulary. If you are au fait (conversant) with dining in restaurants then you will understand the phrase à la carte. It means that you see what is on the menu and you choose separate items rather than a fixed-price meal. You could order un café which is a shop where you buy light meals but this time it will not be confused with coffee, and you could eat some brioche. I like sweets, particularly une crème brulée. You may also be able to buy crêpes in England but I usually call them pancakes.

I remember an advertising campaign (so it must have been good) that said j’adore le Piat d’Or. If you are old enough to remember this advert then you also managed to learn j’adore. You may even have tasted it if to go with your haute cuisine.

A bientôt

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