Monday, 13 April 2009

Les Enfants du Marais

Le Marais is an area of Paris le marais is a marsh and the region called Le Marais Poitevin is situated near La Rochelle. There is a film called Les Enfants du Marais and it certainly is not Paris and it looks to me like it is the region near La Rochelle. The film was fairly successful but if you have heard of it in England it is probably because one of the stars is Eric Cantona. Another of the female stars joined the Théâtre Sans Frontières, a touring company to play a part in Manon Lescaut. I saw this production in Kendal. It was completely in French but they made you feel that you were fluent.

After the performance there was a talk with those members of the audience who wished to stay and two of the cast members. Unfortunately it was in English but we were given the choice. I have mentioned this company in an earlier blog and you may not get chance to watch them in the theatre but you may have the possibility of seeing Eric Cantona in a DVD.

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