Saturday, 11 April 2009

Mes actualités par courriel

I know that this blog is called French for novices but if you take a look at French websites then you may be able to understand by context and thus learn more French. You could always use a dictionary but this may be too slow if there are many words that you don't understand. How about ‘Mes actualités par courriel’. This is an e-mail that I receive daily so you may be able to guess that courriel is e-mail. Les actualités are the news. From this I am sure that you can guess les actualités télévisées and you also learn from this that we are talking about a feminine word because of the adjectival agreement. It is so much better to learn by reading or listening that it is by getting out the grammar books, although they do have a place. Les actualités régionales also tells you that news is feminine plural and it tells you how to say regional news.

I haven’t said anything about les actualités but it may be that you only need a title to learn more French.

A bientôt

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