Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Piaf 2

In 2007 I went to the cinema to watch La Vie en Rose, the story of Edith Piaf's life. I enjoy her music and she led a very interesting life. I was particularly interested in where she was born and where she died. There is a plaque on a wall in Belleville that says she was born on the street. The film didn't mention it. I have read that news of her death was only announced when her body had been driven for hours back to Paris, as les vedettes only died in Paris. Where did she die? The film didn't mention it.

I didn't get the life and death questions answered in the film. It may be a biography but there is also artistic licence so even if these events had featured they would still not have been made clear. What is clear is that there were many moments in her life which were cause for regret - her very public affair, his death in a plane crash, her car crash and addiction to morphine. The full list is a lot longer but she managed to have a hit with a song called 'non je ne regrette rien'. It is an ambitious title but the song was a great success.

A bientôt

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