Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Il ne fallait pas

You may have come across il faut. They are two nice words to use because they are always followed by the infinitive. Il faut parler français. Il faut aller au marché. You can use these words in so many circumstances. Il faut comes from the verb falloir and means it is necessary. You can translate il faut parler français as it is necessary to speak French or you have to speak French. This is a verb that you only use in the il form so you don’t need to conjugate it and it is a really important verb.

Il faut is good enough on its own but here is another form of the verb il fallait, it was necessary. Il ne fallait pas means it wasn’t necessary. In normal speech the French often forget the ‘ne’ part of a sentence so if you say fallait pas you can translate this as you shouldn’t have.

A bientôt

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