Sunday, 26 April 2009

The best advice to learn French

This may be the best advice that you ever receive about learning French. In 2004 a film was produced in France called 'Les Choristes'. The story was great and the music was fantastic. There are so many songs that you should listen to, and if this is the music for you then your vocabulary may increase dramatically, and this will be the best advice for you to learn French. Of course the amount that you learn will depend on how good your vocabulary is already but un peu de répétition n'est pas de problème. Vois sur ton chemin is my favourite so let's take a look at it.

The first verse is:

Vois sur ton chemin
Gamins oubliés égarés
Donne-leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains

If you don't have the CD or the DVD then listen to the music and watch the DVD that goes with it on the internet. Listen carefully and you will hear
oubliés 't égarés because there should be an 'et' there which is sung very quickly. I'm not going to translate this verse for you. Do it yourself and enjoy the song. Listen to it three times and your vocabulary has increased. Voilà

A bientôt

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