Friday, 24 April 2009

Allez Les Bleus

Why learn French? I have set out many reasons. The French are our near neighbours. French arts, cuture literature and music are all good reasons to learn French. Today I will mention two sports, rugby and football. The first thing to say is that sport football and rugby are all the same words in French. There are lots of other sports that just need to be said with a French accent to communicate in French, but I will stick with these two sports.

Football achieved its high point in 1998 when les bleus won la coupe du monde and it was played in France. I think that was when I learned the French for world cup, and it was certainly the first time I shouted but (sounds like boo in English) when a goal was scored.

Je préfère le rugby. It is a sport that I used to play and I actually understand most of the rules. In football the main rule seems to be do what can you get away with. Whether it is rugby or football les sports sont passionnants. Whether it is football or rugby, the French teams are called les bleus. You can say ‘allez la France’ or 'allez France'. You can also say ‘allez les bleus’.

A bientôt

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