Sunday, 5 April 2009

Le Forestier et Trenet

I am following the last blog by writing about the soirées musicales that took place on my Open University summer school. There are so many memories because different people would come to me and ask me to play different songs. One person sang a song by Maxime le Forestier called San Francisco. He must have sung this particular song at least three times in the week. Another student who knew quite a lot about French music, had not heard about le Forestier. We sang two or three of his songs during the week and he enjoyed them so much that he went to the local Fnac to buy one of his CDs.

We were free from tutorials on the Wednesday afternoon and a group of us went to Arromanches to see the artificial harbour, but on seeing the sea, one of my fellow students burst into song, la mer by Charles Trenet. You may not know the name but you know the song because it has been sung in English so many times. It is worth learning the French lyrics so you too can join in.

A bientôt

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