Saturday, 4 April 2009

Joe Dassin

In my last blog, Brassens 2, I mentioned that I was motivated by singing the songs of Brassens with French people. My brother has a house in France and I was thinking of evenings that I had spent with him and his neighbours. I was also thinking of evenings that I have spent as a member of French Circles in Lancashire which includes a number of soirées musicales.

Speak to French people or any Francophile will do. Ask them their favourite singers or actors or authors, but for this blog let’s stick to singers. I have been introduced to many great French singers by personal recommendation. Look out for Joe Dassin. One of my favourite songs is Les Champs Elysées. It is such a catchy tune and is well-loved by the French. I was in Paris and I took a trip on a bateau-mouche. When we were nearest to Les Champs Elysées this was the music in the background.

I spent a week in Caen on an Open University summer school. We had to speak French throughout the week. In the evenings I took my guitar to the bar and many students and teachers would join the singing, but I would think that Joe Dassin’s song was the most popular song of the week.

A bientôt

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