Wednesday, 29 April 2009


It has been really hard to drag myself away from blogs about Les Choristes. I have recently watched the film and listened to the music again. Music can really motivate learning, so I won't venture too far and I'll write about a musician called Renaud.

I was in the middle of France in a bar and I was talking to a local. I wanted to talk about Renaud, a French singer. I had already spoken to one French woman who had told me that he was un peu impoli. I picked this conversation in the bar because I did not think that it would not be too important to this French man if he were impoli. Learning a language is not just about vocabulary and grammar. It is also about having something to say and if you can interact in French then it is so much easier to do so in English. There is another reason to learn French, which is to improve your English.

I went on to talk about Renaud's song 'Manhattan Kaboul' Even with just a title you have now learned how to say the capital of Afghanistan. With the first line you learn the vocabulary for someone from Puerto Rico. This is not your standard vocabulary but it easy to learn. Have you come across the English word 'quasi' as in quasi-semi'. It means having some reemblance or almost. You can now work out 'quasiment New-Yorkais' and so much of the French language is like this. You just have to practice.

A bientôt

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