Monday, 27 April 2009

Caresse sur l'océan

If the last blog was the best advice that you have ever received then I don't need to introduce you to any of the other songs in the film 'Les Choristes'. If you have not seen the film and have not read the last blog then this one may be written with you in mind. Have a listen to Caresse sur l'océan Here is the first verse.

Caresse sur l'océan
Porte l'oiseau si léger
Revenant des terres enneigées
Air éphémère de l'hiver
Au loin ton écho s'éloigne
Châteaux en Espagne
Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes
Dans l'aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l'arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps

I can't think of a better way to learn French. Just beware that spoken French is different in song. Caresse, porte and aube only have one syllable when spoken, but you have done really well if you learn to translate all the lyrics and who knows - you could be joining in with the song in the near future.

A bientôt

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