Saturday, 25 April 2009

C’est chouette

It’s useful to have a variety of adjectives to say things are good or bad. Chouette is super or smashing. I don’t hear smashing so much in English but chouette est une expression qui est à la mode en France. You can also say c’est formidable or sympa. Sympa is not sympathetic but means nice.

On the other hand if you are fed up you can say j’en ai ras le bol. Ça veut dire je suis fatigué(e) avec exasperation. If you were stuck with the ‘veut dire’ then think how the words literally translate. Vouloir dire is to wish to say. Think about it a little more and to wish to say means ‘to mean’. A final note for today. Je suis (vraiment) epuisé(e) veut dire je suis fatigué(e)

A bientôt

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