Thursday, 16 April 2009

il existe des différences

Now you know the meaning of est-ce qu'il y a you can easily ask a question on any subject. All you have to say is est-ce qu’il y a des différences entre, then give your two words with an ’et’ between them. All you have to do is know two words that you want to compare. It can be any subject. It can even be two names that you don't translate like Marseille and Manchester United.

You don’t have to just use single words. You can ask est-ce qu’il y a des différences entre la circulation en France et la circulation en Angleterre. you have to choose two subjects that are similar so that you can talk about the differences.

The reply is il y a des différence or il existe des différences. If you just have a few words in French then you can have a good conversation. Even if you have no vocabulary it is still worth asking the question, because the answers that you get will not be forgotten.

A bientôt

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