Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Georges Brassens

My favourite French singer is Georges Brassens. In the 1970s I learned to play classical guitar and when I got fed up with learning the classical style I would take a rest by learning some folk music. I don't sing except in the style of one English singer called Jake Thackray whom I remember because of his musical interludes in the TV programme 'That's Life'.

Many years later I discovered Georges Brassens and I found that these two singers had a similar style. So I Can sing like Brassens as well. Jake was a great admirer of Brassens and described him as 'the best of the very best of the poet singers'. Listen to Jake say these words at the start of the song Brother Gorilla on YouTube. The song is almost a direct translation of the Brassens song Le Gorille. It is a song that can be viewed at a number of levels. It cetainly condemns the French judicial system but it is also a comical song. I particulary like the guitar style of Brassens (and Thackray) as I can have a go at reproducing the sound of the guitar and the sound of them singing.

I must mention the pronunciation of this singers name. If you have the French word en it is pronounced like the English word 'on' said with a nasal intonation. However Brassens rhymes with the Enlish word once without the 'w' sound. It is hard to talk about my favourite French singer if his name does not follow the usual rules of pronunciation but I hope you have it now.

A bientôt

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