Tuesday, 21 April 2009

J’en ai assez

In the last blog I was looking at how to get into a conversation by agreeing or disagreeing with what has been said. You can add to this vocabulary with words like c'est scandaleux but you would have to know if you are talking about something masculine of something feminine (c'est scandaleuse). If this is a bit too much to think about then just learn c'est un scandale.

There is nothing wrong with saying you don't know something. If you say je ne sais pas then at least you have told them that you have understood what they have said, you have joined in the conversation, and they may be able to inform you, so you will need this phrase.

If you have had enough of the conversation you can say ça suffit or j’en ai assez. You may like to look at the blog for Friday 30th January entitled 'more gestures'. You can add the gesture to go along with the phrase.

A bientôt

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