Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Last Word on Les Choristes

If you read the last two blogs and followed the instructions to watch two clips from 'Les Choristes' then you could well be hooked on all the songs from the film. If you went one step further and watched the film then you also may have enjoyed an emotional story. So what else do I want to say about the film? Well there is one more thing that you can't get just by watching to the film or listening to the music. I want to tell you about Pierre Morhange.

More specifically I want to tell you about the young actor who played the part of Pierre. He is called Jean-Baptiste Maunier and this role was his breakthrough. He was chosen for his looks but he could act. Most importantly he could sing. Often in films the singing is dubbed. Not in this case. His voice is fantastic.

Apologies for no French in this blog, but if you have taken up the advice to listen to the songs and watch the film then your French has improved enough.

A bientôt

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