Thursday, 5 February 2009

Those words ending in ion

This blog may seem a little strange because you could well be reading this in the wrong order. I set a challenge a couple of weeks ago to find English words ending in ion that do not directly translate into French. The three words that I gave you that do not translate are vacation, translation and explanation. The French for these word is vacances, traduction et explication.

Now for some more words. You have been waiting for this one - anticipation is attente. Bunion is oignon. My favourite is carnation which translates as oeillet. It is my favourite example because my favourite film is Jean de Florette which is all about les oeillets. Concussion is commotion and congregation is assemblée. Contraption is machin and cushion is coussin.

This list is not a reflection of the general rule. Generally you just say the word ending in ion with a French accent. Try a little examination. There are no conditions as anyone can give me their interpretation of their inspiration, and because of their actions I will try to give a reaction. The whole of the nation will support you. However if you do find any more exceptions then please let me know, as I would like a full evaluation.

A bientôt