Saturday, 21 February 2009

Les Proverbes

I remember watching the 1978 film ‘The Deer Hunter’ in which a Frenchman in Vietnam tells us that a man who says no to champagne says no to life. I had not heard this expression before (or since) but it has stayed with me. The French have an expression ‘quand un homme est fatigué de Londres, c’est qu’il est fatigué de la vie’. This is not a proverb that I have heard in English but I realise that there are many proverbs that I do not know in French and in English.

There are hundreds of proverbs in French. Some are the same as the English proverbs and some are very nearly the same. I hope that you can work out the translation, and let’s hope that you know the English proverb!

You should recognise ‘pour un Anglais, sa maison est un château’. Do you know ‘ne jetez pas vos perles au pourceau’ ? If you can use these sentences at the right time then you will really have a great command of the French language.

A bientôt

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