Sunday, 22 February 2009

Les Proverbes 2

Have you seen the episode of the Simpsons when Bart is sent to France? Bart doesn’t realise that he can speak French but he can. If you can say a French proverb, even one that has an English equivalent, then you are well on your way to speaking French because even these proverbs are not translated literally and you have to be thinking of the French version. However I hope that you can work out the translation from the words that you know and then think of the English proverb.

How about ‘un nouveau balai balaie bien’? A proverb that is a little harder to translate is ‘un œuf aujourd’hui vaut mieux qu’une poule demain’ because we have a different expression in English, but it is not impossible to work it out. Here are two more to think about: c’est l’oiseau matinal qui attrape le ver, and noël n’arrive qu’une fois par an.

Use these expressions in a French sentence then you really will be as good as Bart.

A bientôt

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