Monday, 2 February 2009

French Singers

How do you learn words? If you go to a football match you may hear a chant 'Oh! Hisse!' when the goalkeeper is taking a goal kick to try to put him off. Now it would be fairly unusual to go to a French football match but you can easily look at YouTube and hear French songs. One French singer is Hugues Aufray. Have you never heard the name Hugues? Well there was a French king called Hugues in the tenth century. Hugues Aufray is still around so now you know two Hugues. The singer is most famous for his song 'Santiano' and the chorus has the line 'hisse et ho Santiano'.

Listening to French songs is a great way to increase your vocabulary. How do you know who to listen to? One of the easiest ways is to sample the songs on YouTube, but the best way is to have a conversation in France and ask them about French singers. You will probably know of Piaf, Chevalier and Aznavour, but I would recommend Joe Dassin. Listen to his song 'Les Champs Elysées'. It is a very popular and catchy French song. I was on a bateau-mouche on the Seine and I was listening to a commentary through earphones. When we were near the Champs Elysées we could hear Joe Dassin’s song in the background.

There are so many other great singers. Find the style that you like and your vocabulary will increase tremendously, and you may even learn the French for heave-ho.

A bientôt

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