Saturday, 7 February 2009

Even more words ending in ion

The more you look, the more exceptions you find (exception n'est pas une exception). A couple of days ago I gave some answers to the question that I set a couple of weeks ago. Can you find exceptions to the rule that if an English word ends in ion then it is translated into French - just say it with a French accent. Now dictation may be something that you have not done for a long time and you may never need the French word, but if you do it is la dictée.

If you go to France because of their fashion, don’t say fashion with a French accent because nobody will understand you. La mode is the correct word and à la mode is the phrase for fashionable. Salvation is le salut, which also means a salute and you may know the word as an alternative to hello.

Here are two words that fit the usual routine. If you are a fan of Dr Who then you can say extermination and if you want to talk about vegetation then it becomes végétation.

Don’t let the exceptions put you off. Think of the word ending in ion and it is almost certainly French.

A bientôt

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