Tuesday, 3 February 2009

French Singers 2

You can listen to French songs on CD or YouTube or in films. Two recent French films that were released on DVD in England are Les Choristes and La Vie en Rose.

Les Choristes means the choristers but was translated into English as 'The Chorus'. The story is excellent and the music is wonderful. Get the lyrics in front of you when you are listening to the music. Paroles and choristes are the words to search for on the internet.

La Vie en Rose is the story of the life of Edith Piaf. There are clips of her songs which may motivate you to go out and by a Piaf CD. Many will recognise the song La Vie en Rose from the advert on TV for Specsavers. The genuine paroles are so much better. There is a plaque on the wall outside 115 rue de Belleville Paris that says Edith Piaf was born there. Was she born on the street or could she possibly have been born in the Hôpital Tenon as her birth certificate states? It doesn't really matter if it motivates you to go to Paris and find la plaque and listen to some French music.

A bientôt

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