Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Le passé composé

The passé composé is the French name for the perfect tense. In this sense perfect means that an action has been finished (and imperfect means it isn’t finished). It may help you to remember the passé composé because it is composed of two parts. The first part is called the auxiliary and this is usually avoir but can be être. The second part is called the past participle. There are three types of regular verbs, -er, -ir and –re. For –er verbs you replace er with é. For –ir verbs you replace the ir with i. For –re verbs you replace the re with u.

The best way to learn the passé composé is to get some examples that you will use. J'ai parlé à mon frère. Il est venu chez moi, et il a répondu à mes questions. So that’s how you do the passé composé with regular verbs – only the irregular to learn!

A bientôt

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