Tuesday, 17 February 2009

French singers and motivation

Following on from Barbara, you can tell the songs that people like because of their facial expression, their gestures, and singing along is usually a sign that they are enjoying themselves. There is a DVD of Johnny Hallyday, the Elvis of the French singing world (but Johnny is still alive) and it shows the audience singing along. I particularly remember a song called sang pour sang which I believe is about him and his son.

Another way that you can find out about French singers is to ask someone about their favourite French singer. I think that my favourite French song is Joe Dassin's Champs Élysées, and my favourite singer is Maxime le Forestier. I remember someone telling me that their favourite singer was Francis Cabrel and their favourite song was elle écoute pousser les fleurs.

Cabrel's song is about man's technological advances compared to the natural environment, and the need to take the time to listen to the flowers growing. This is a theme with his songs. I discovered most of the French singers that I know by personal recommendation. I went on to find out about those singers mostly by having conversations in French. So enjoy the songs and enjoy the conversations.

A bientot

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