Thursday, 19 February 2009

Enjoy a trip to Rouen

On a different cultural level you may wish to visit Rouen. Flaubert’s characters in Madame Bovary live in Rouen and Emma and Léon meet in the cathedral. Flaubert also wrote 'Trois Contes', two of which, The Legend of Saint Julian the Hospitatlier, and Herodias were inspired by stained glass windows within the cathedral.

Step outside and look at the exterior of the building. Monet painted La Cathédrale de Rouen many times, and the last two times that I was in Rouen there was a large copy of one of Monet’s pictures of le portail de la cathédrale right next to le portail.

Jeanne d’Arc may have been the Maid of Orleans but she was burned at the stake in Rouen. We have blue plaques to say that someone famous was born or lived or died here. Take a look around and find the plaque that tells you that Jeanne d’Arc was horribly burned here.

A bientôt

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