Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Manon des Sources

I cannot write about Jean de Florette without mentioning the sequel (la suite de Jean de Florette) called Manon des Sources. They were written and filmed as a pair. Jean's daughter Manon, has grown up and is played by Emmanuelle Béart. Daniel Auteuil, as Ugolin, falls for her and it is sad to see his demise as well as that of his uncle played by Yves Montand.

I don't want to tell you the story as I want you to watch both films. However I do want you to do a little préparation by learning these citations. 'J’ai payé, je veux mon eau.' You should already know the next sentence if you have followed the blog chronologically - 'c'est Manon, la fille du bossu’. One line that is very poignant is 'tu as connu sa grand-mère?' Look out for 'je garde le couteau si vous prenez le lièvre' and if you didn't know the word for a hare then you do now. Finally here is a really sad line but you will only know how sad by watching the film - 'si tu me veux pas, ou je meurs ou je deviens fou'.

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