Monday, 23 February 2009

Jean de Florette

I mentioned that my favourite French film was Jean de Florette. It is worth watching because of the story, the magnificent views of Provence, the great French acting, and even Verdi's 'la force du destin'. The music was later used in the highly acclaimed Stella Artois adverts.

You could sit through the film and read the subtitles. However, as the main purpose of this blog is to get you to learn some French, I think it is important to be able to add to your French vocabulary by watching it. You should be able pick out the word bossu. Also listen out for the line which is difficult to miss 'je suis bossu. Vous croyez que c'est facile?' Another very nice citation is ‘c'est pas moi qui pleure ce sont mes yeux'.

If you can listen to 'je ne peux pas te le dire, c'est un secret' or 'et si par accident elle se bouchait' then you are well on your way to understanding the film without les sous-titres.

I mentioned that this was my favourite film when I was writing about words ending in ion. Generally you can say words ending in ion with a French accent and the French will understand you. However carnation is an exception, so do listen out for 'je te baptise le roi des oeillets'

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