Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mercredi des Cendres

I am writing this blog on Wednesday even if it does say Thursday, as I try to stay at least one day ahead of myself. In fact it is Ash Wednesday. The French for ash is (le) cendre. Renounce or give up is renoncer. See if you can understand the next two sentences.

Mercredi est le troisième jour de la semaine. Mercredi des Cendres est le premier jour du carême et j’ai renoncé le travail pour le carême.

Pronounce the English word ash with a French accent and you have said the word for the French letter H. If you don’t know your alphabet already then you should learn it sooner rather than later and now you know H which is one of the more difficult letters to remember. I hope this helps.

A bientôt

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