Friday, 13 March 2009

Written French

After 51 blogs I have not yet mentioned written French. If you are a novice then you may not want to pick up a book in French, but you may understand some of the articles in the French newspapers or magazines. Don’t be confused by the word for a shop. Un magasin is a shop and un magazine is a magazine. Even if you don’t have access to French newspapers you can have a look at them online. So if you have found this blog you should be able to find French newspapers.

I have read quite a few books in French and if you find this daunting at the moment then you may want to look at simplified versions. You can search the internet or look in bookshops but where do you start? Which book should you choose? You could watch the film first and then read the book afterwards. This is often what people do in English and I think it is better to do it this way round. Sometimes I have read the book first and then watched the film and for me it makes the film less exciting.

A bientôt

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