Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Le pique-nique 2

So you have managed to say the French words for cheese and bread and you might have a drink, but how do you progress from this? Well the words passez-moi will come in handy. In France you will learn the words for food simply by going to the shops. Even in le supermarché you will see the words for what you have bought on the wrapping. If you eat ham you will know that it is jambon. If you eat an egg then you will know un oeuf is un oeuf.

The verb needed if you want to say that you have had a picnic is faire. J’ai fait un pique-nique is what you would say. You could say ‘voulez-vous faire un pique-nique?' Don’t forget your panier (nothing to do with a bike but it is a basket) and you will also need une nappe, and if you are posh then you may need un couteau, une fourchette and perhaps une cuillère. Don’t forget the most important phrase – bon apétit.

A bientôt

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