Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sur Mes Lèvres

You may wish to say ‘read my lips’ in French. It is the sort of thing that George Bush Snr would like to say if he had to speak French. He thought that these words meant that everyone would believe him when he said no new taxes. You can use the words sur mes lèvres for emphasis but you can use them for people with hearing impairments who need to watch lips.

Sur mes lèvres is also the title of a film from 2001 in which Emanuelle Devos plays the part of a partially deaf office worker. Her impairment has led to a skill in lip reading which is used as part of the plot in this film à suspense. If you have been following this blog then you will know that it is about finding the motivation to learn French. If you watch the film then I hope you enjoy it. You will hear l’accent français and if you don’t learn anything else then at least you know that read my lips is nothing to do with lire.

A bientôt

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