Monday, 23 March 2009

Un Appareil Numerique.

I am interested in photography. I know that there are some photographers who still use film but digital is taking over. Just look at an advert and you will see that cameras are digital. So what is the French for a digital camera? I have a French desk diary and sometimes the French phrase is relevant to the date but usually it isn't. One day last week the word of the day was numérique which means digital. I am also interested in maths, and I have a maths blog. In it I have written about the origins of maths, and maths started when we used our digits to count. It is easy to see the link between numérique and digital, but it is one step further to get a translation for a digital camera.

Le numérique means digital technology, so don’t be caught out if you just hear one word when we would use two in English, but the phrase on desk calendar is ‘est-ce qu’un appareil numérique?’ This sentence is rapidly losing its meaning as tous les appareils sont numériques. The important message from the desk diary is to keep learning a little French each day. If you are like me then you need to be told things three times, so don’t forget un appareil numerique.

A bientôt

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