Friday, 20 March 2009

Learning French from television

There is now so much on the internet that can help you get used to French. In the e-mail that I received yesterday from TF1 I am able to read about ‘Les frères Scott : du nouveau dans la série’ Even if you don’t know all the words you can guess the meaning. The e-mail goes on to say ‘la saison 5 vient de s'achever sur TF1’ You know that venir means to come and you may also know that venir de is translated as ‘just’. It is a fairly easy construction because you just use the infinitive after it. Je viens de me reveiller – I have just woken up. Je viens de manger – I have just eaten. You just need to know the infinitve.

There is another advert in the e-mail for ‘Qui veut gagner des millions?’ You don’t need to know much French to guess the rest, and you would be right. So if you don’t know all the words then vous venez de les apprendre!

One other title in the e-mail is ‘vous avez un secret ? Secret Story revient!’ This tells you that you know more French than you thought, you know that secret is a French word even if you have to pronounce it differently, and you know that the French can understand the franglais ‘story’.

A bientôt

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