Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Le pique-nique

One English word that comes from the French is picnic. In French it is le pique-nique. La pique is a word for an old weapon, the pike (and it is also spades when you play cards), and if you want to piquer des petits pois avec une fourchette then you get the idea of picking some food. The ‘nique’ was probably added as a fun rhyme. A theme of these blogs is to get you to learn French by using the language, and what better way to practice by having your own pique-nique.

You could have a very basic vocabulary and you would still manage to eat. Le fromage s'il vous plait. You could also ask for le pain and you will soon learn that this is not a perfect cognate but is indeed bread. You may also know the words vin rouge or vin blanc, Orangina and you can also have un verre d’eau. Have you seen the picture by Manet le déjeuner sur l’herbe, well that is one way of describing un pique-nique. La pelouse is another word that you could use for l’herbe.

A bientôt

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