Monday, 9 March 2009

Expressions idiomatiques 3

My favourite expression idiomatique is 'ce n'est pas la mer à boire’, partly because you can work it out. If you were drinking the sea then that would be very difficult, so if you are not drinking it then it is not very difficult. To make it even easier miss out the ‘n’, ‘c’est pas la mer à boire’. Ce n’est pas très difficile.

At first glance appeler un chat un chat is obvious. The only difficulty is to remember the English expression . As long as you can think of a spade all you have to do is think of ways of dropping the cats into a conversation.

Finally for now, for this idiom you have to think of a pain in the neck. Why should it be the neck? In French it isn’t the neck it is the feet, and it isn’t a pain it is to break. So il me casse les pieds means il est ennuyeux.

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