Saturday, 14 March 2009

Six degrees of separation

"Six degrees of separation" means that any person is connected to any other person in the world by five relationships with other people. You can see the way my mind works by following these connections.

I have just watched an advert for Honda and Andy Williams is singing 'the impossible dream' which comes from 'The Man of La Mancha' which was translated into French and starred Jacques Brel who sang ‘La Quête’. How many steps was that? La Quête is the translation of ‘the quest’ and if you listen to the advert you will hear the line 'this is my quest'.

The advert looks a bit continental, but it isn't. It was filmed in New Zealand and Japan but not France. However if you have heard Brel's version of the song then you would be forgiven for thinking that there could be a French influence.

A bientôt

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