Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Are you anglais or anglaise?

So you have said hello, and you have said your name. What do you say next? You could say that you are English. Je suis anglais, but if you are a woman you have to say je suis anglaise. It is only one extra letter 'e' but it changes the pronunciation. The general rule is don't pronounce the final consonant unless it is followed by a vowel.

The next sentence may be to describe exactly where you come from. The question may be d’où venez vous and the answer is je viens de... Notice that you can listen to questions in French and you get clues as to the answer. Where do you come from...I come from. It is the same verb in English and it is the same verb in French. The only thing you have to learn is the different forms of the verb venir and you have started your conversation. Je viens, tu viens, il vient, nous venons, vous venez, ils viennent. The pronunciation is the same for the je, tu and the il. Nous and vous are easy. The ils sounds like the French for Vienna.

A bientôt

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