Wednesday, 20 May 2009


My desk calendar (mardi le 19 mai) says ‘prépare-toi pour une journée incroyable'. There are lots of words that you can guess in French. Prépare is prepare. You should know toi as a command, and if you want to be more formal you would say préparez-vous. It's the same reflexive command as dépêchez-vous, and prépare-toi is the same form of command as dépêche-toi which is sung by the pop group Blondie their song Sunday Girl.

is usually translated as ‘for’ so this word is easy. Journée is one you have to watch. Le matin is morning and la matinée is also morning but in the sense of talking about what has happened in that morning. Think of a soirée, a word we sometimes use in English to describe a social evening. It is the same with la journée and le jour. They both mean day but la journée is describing a passage of time throughout that day. Incroyable is close to incredible.

It has taken some time but now you know that you should prepare yourself for an incredible day – nothing to do with journeys.

A bientôt

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