Monday, 4 May 2009

You have to look for French singers.

Most of my French blogs have been looking at reasons to find the inspiration to learn French. Recently I have looked at joining in with the singing of children's songs. It is fun to sing but it is also a good learning experience. Where do you find French songs in England?

I remember watching a Marx Brothers film called Monkey Business in which Maurice Chevalier does some singing. He does sing in English but it is with a French accent and it was a link for me to his French songs. I have also heard songs by Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud and Sacha Distel but usually there were no French words just a French accent. A few years later I came across Plastic Bertrand whose hit song was called ça plane pour moi. Unfortunately these words were the only ones in the song but that's alright by me. There is a more recent disco song with the title encore une fois.

Occasionally English singers would sing in French. Donovan sings a verse in French in his song Jennifer Juniper. The Beatles sang in French about a girl called Michelle. Manhattan Transfer sang chanson d'amour. You may be able to add a lot of songs to this list and if I spent longer thinking about it I may even be able to double this list. The point is that if you want to learn by singing French then you have to find the French singers because they don't come to you. I have mentioned some singers in these blogs and I am sure that I will mention some more. You can always comment with some suggestions.

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