Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Adjectival endings.

That’s a posh heading for this blog. If you know what an adjective is, then I have just changed the noun ‘adjective’ into an adjective. In English we just right down the adjective like good, red, soft or small. In French you change the ending depending on the gender of the word that you are describing.

Do you know the difference in pronunciation between un and une. If you don’t then get used to it because the word for one or a comes up very often. Un is pronounced like a nasal ‘an’ whereas une is pronounced like an English moon without the m. Now you have the hang of that try the French for brown. The masculine version is brun which rhymes with un, and the feminine is brune which rhymes with une. Une bière brune is a dark beer so make sure that you say it correctly.

A bientôt

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