Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Pierre et le Loup

When I was a teenager I went to Paris with school. I remember looking in a music shop and seeing a classical record by Prokofiev called Pierre et le loup. I didn't know the word for wolf at the time and I was too young to appreciate the connection with the music even though Pierre et le loup est un conte musical pour enfants. The point is that sometimes you don't need a dictionary or anyone telling you anything to learn French. You just need to experience it.

I am watching the apprentice while I am writing the blog and I am listening to some French music by Camille Saint-Saens called Carnival des Animaux. Again, if you know the music you don't need the translation. A record cover or just reading a French blog will tell you the words for carnival and animals. It is much better to learn words in context as it is much easier to remember them. Since I looked at that record cover I have never forgotten le loup.

A bientôt

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