Sunday, 7 June 2009

Pronunciation difficulties

If you want to be understood then you have to work on pronunciation. Nothing is difficult if you work at it. Now I am nowhere near perfect but I prefer my accent in French than I do my Manchester accent in English.

You may remember adverts from the seventies for Cointreau. It is made from oranges ripened in the sun, but if you remember the advert then you know that you hear a strong French accent. Another advert went like this: "Thees Cointreau and ice is like zee warmth of we French and zee cool of you Engleesh….. Voilà! zee ice she melts!"

The French can't pronounce "th". If you can see the difficulties that the French have when they speak English then you can start to understand why you have to do your best with French pronunciation. I was heading for the South West of France from Paris. We had travelled to Versailles and I was looking for directions to the next major city Chartres. It seems that this is one of the hardest words for me to pronounce but at least I know that I have to work on it.

A bientôt

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