Friday, 19 June 2009

Keep reading en français

I don't know if you watch House with Hugh Laurie. It is a medical series that has found it's way to France and changed its name to Dr House. It seems Hugh is advertising in French and this is one of his lines:

Hello! Mais que fait Hugh Laurie pendant que nous attendons impatiemment la suite de dr House?

This tells you a lot. It tells you that you can say Hello and you may be understood in France even though you won't find it in a dictionary. The French do say allo but that is on the phone. I like the word suite. It often translates as a sequel. We wouldn't say sequel here because it is a new series. We wouldn't say 'continuation' even though the next series will continue showing the programme. In this case la suite would translate as the next series, even though that's not how it literally translates. Also notice that there is no capital letter for Dr and that the French felt the need to add the title of doctor.

You can get a lot out of one sentence so keep reading en français.

A bientôt

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