Saturday, 17 January 2009

Peu à Peu

Welcome to the first entry in this blog on how to learn French. If you want to speak a language you have to learn little by little. There are no lesson plans, no tests, no homework, but you may learn something that will add to your knowledge of French.

According to one famous teacher of French there are three words in English that end with the letters ion that do not translate into French. All the others do. So if you say the word nation in a French accent then you are talking in French. The three exceptions are vacation which is vacances, translation which is traduction, and explanation which is explication. Now this gives you a vocabulary of well over a thousand French words - except it doesn't as there are quite a few more exceptions. However in general you will be able to use your knowledge of English to help your French.

I'll let you know some other exceptions at a later date. In the meantime try to discover them for yourself. To learn anything you have to enjoy the learning process. So I am not going to give out any detentions or make you write any lines.

If you want to say something in French that everyone will agree with and will make you sound clever then try 'je crois qu'on apprend le français peu à peu'. If you don't know what this means try a dictionary and enjoy using it.

A bientôt

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