Saturday, 24 January 2009

Faux Amis

I will let you know about more words ending in ion but keep thinking about them, and use your gumption!

I like false friends. They are words that look or sound the same in the two languages but they have different meanings. According to one famous teacher of French, 60% of English comes from French so we can guess a lot of French words; however there are these faux amis. If you see the word Christian in French it is a masculine name. If you want to translate the word "Christian" into French it is un chrétien. Another example is la monnaie. It is not "money" but literally means "silver". La monnaie usually means the change that you get back when you have paid for something or it can mean "currency".

Vous avez de la chance means "you are lucky". If you want to talk about "a chance" then you have to use the word un hasard, une possibilité, or une occasion, for example if you want to say "I didn't have a chance to..."

Why do I like faux amis? They make you think about the words that you are using and so you will remember them.

A bientôt

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