Friday, 30 January 2009

More gestures

On the subject of gestures, you can raise your hand to your eyes as if you are shading your eyes from the sun. Keep your fingers straight, palm down, and slide your hand across your head at the level of your forehead. If you use your right hand the direction of the movement is towards the right and vice-versa. I hope that you didn't get fed up with this explanation of the gesture but if you did then you can use it because it means j'en ai ras le bol, j'en ai marre or j'en ai assez.

If you want things to be a little quieter then don't put your finger to your lip, but raise your index finger as if you wanted to indicate the number one. Don't forget to look stern as this will help.

Finally have you seen Peter Kay talk about the phone? You can also use this gesture in France.

A bientôt

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