Wednesday, 23 June 2010


France have not done too well in the World Cup, or should I say la coupe du monde, so you may not know what the French shout out when they score a goal. Well the word for goal is but, but this sounds to an English ear like boo.

Another homophone is le bout which means the tip or the end. I was thinking about this word recently when I saw someone finishing a cigarette. Does the English word cigarette butt meaning a cigarette end come from this French word? I guess it does.

If you are a French football supporter then I suppose you could turn to another homophone (booze) but in French there is the past participle of boire, bu, that sounds the same. Whether it is but, boo or bu I think that there is a good chance au bout du compte (all things considered) that the French will turn to booze.

A bientôt

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